Jason Pastras has been in multiple bands since he started gigging around Atlanta in his teens. In the 90's he moved to Athens where he was briefly in a revival of the Kilkenney Cats, the Stonesouls, and in his own original music projects GIVE, Crickethead, and SuperGenius.

Returning to Atlanta in time for Y2K, Jason was in the instrumental Dry Time Quartet before forming the power trio The Luxury Kings with Luke Wampler and Eric Leland. He also formed trad blues bands The Model Citizens, and the latin-tinged Blues Gigante (inspired by his love for Santana).

Currently, Jason gigs and records with The Jason Pastras Trio, a band formed to merge raw, rough blues sounds with classic blues and psychedelia. The band is a rough and ready unit that uses Jason's songs as a jumping-off point for improvisation.

Pastras is a hooky songwriter who finds ways to infuse the blues with a sensibility that is both engrpossing and challenging.

You can learn more about Jason Pastras and his music at The Jason Pastras Trio web site, The Jason Pastras Trio Youtube Channel, and The Jason Pastras Trio Faceboook page.